Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr’s Appointment


Today I had my first big appointment with my regular doc.  We discussed H1N1 and what he recommended.  I will be trying to wait until they come out with the new shot that has the tested and safe adjuvant for pregnant ladies.  Since I do not have children in school, work outside the home or take Taylor to high risk areas I should be okay.  It’s scary because so many people I know or am familiar with are getting the swine flu.  My good friend’s grand daughter has it and she told me that it is starting to go through the schools like crazy.  Not good!  I do need to take Taylor soon though!

Other than that big decision my appointment was pretty uneventful.  I have been having heart palpatations for the last few weeks and they have been getting progressively worse.  At first it would happen once every few days, now it is happening almost hourly.  It is pretty annoying but I have been told it is normal for pregnant women.  I hope it doesn’t stay this way until delivery lol!  Stress, exhaustion, or exertion seems to bring it on pretty quickly so I see why I have it all the time now…  I’m always tired!

My doctor pulled out the fetal doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat today.  He said we should be able to hear it by now.  I told him he would be able to hear it and showed him the best spot to find it LOL!!  I rented one a month ago and have been listening to it regularily.  He was surprised that you could rent them so easily online.  I didn’t rent mine for long because once I start feeling the baby move it’s like someone pressed a relax button so it will be going back soon.  I can’t wait to start feeling the baby soon.  Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and so the second trimester begins.  Only 5 more weeks until the gender is revealed!   (Hopefully)

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