Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I got it to work!

2nd us 2nd baby 002

So I finally figured out the scanner and I just have to scan using photo image and not b&w image.  We went for the prenatal screening yesterday and the little bean was doing rolls and kicking up a storm!  I said uh-oh, it just might be a hyper little boy after all.  I have been really feeling that it is a girl but that just might be wishful thinking lol.  Of course we will be thrilled no matter what the sex is but when I was growing up I wished I had a sister and I was hoping for a sister for Taylor.  However it would be great to have a Momma’s boy too.  Can anyone out there read u/s pics?  If so, can they tell me if that is perhaps a little something protruding from between the baby’s legs?!  Most of my other IVF friends are told what the sex is but they do things differently here.  My anatomy scan is scheduled for December 2nd.  I hope we will be able to find out then, Taylor was shy and we had to pay for another u/s. 


  1. I saw that little bulg right away too! No idea though. Did you ask them to try and look for you? Looks like it could be some testicles to me but what do I know? LOL

  2. Beautiful pic. I have no idea how to read the pictures, though. Don't think I told you, but we had our big scan on Monday and our baby was very bad and wouldn't uncross its legs! We were so disappointed but get to go back in a few weeks for another try. The most important thing is that the baby is healthy!