Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm back in the ring!

Now I have that AC/DC song "back in black" playing on my head! Anyways, AF was there to greet me this morning and so I called in with my day 1. Next they called me back to get my credit card #, heaven forbid they do anything before you pay for the cycle LOL. $8,300.00 later they call me back again with my schedule. I will start the BCP's on Friday and take them until July 16th. On July 10th I will start taking the suprefact shots. I go in for my baseline b/w on the 24th and if everything is good with those #'s I will start my stims that day. So it looks like the ER will be the first week of August. Which means I should know if I am pregnant or not by mid to late August. EEK! Fingers crossed!

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