Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Title Explained

I have recently discovered that there are people who feel the need to share their uneducated, unexperienced and unwanted opinions on infertility. Thanks to Octo-Mom, IVF seems to be a never ending topic to criticize and judge. I am a member of the BBC, a place where people with children or are trying to have children chat, and I have read many posts that start with "I would never...", or "If it was me...". You can always tell the fertiles from the infertiles, lol!! Those without infertility always have something negative to say. The ones with infertility just kinda cringe and try not to say too much about it. What irritates me the most is that it takes such sensational stories to bring ART to the spot light! It is very frustrating when Octo-Mom, the 60 year old lady & the grandma who gave birth to her grandchildren are the face of IVF in the media. I am not saying I approve or disapprove with these 3 situations but I am pised that the media doesn't shed ART procedures in a positive light. What about the millions of couples who have benefited from ART procedures? What about those still tying to benefit? These stories and opinions do not help when we are trying to get the government to aid us in our journey. So I ask, what if it was you? What if you couldn't have a baby on your own? What if you tried for years and still had no children? What if you were the one spending gobs of $ on ART procedures? Would you still have something to say then? IF is also the short form of infertility so I thought it was befitting. There you have it, the reason for the blog title. And this was one of my shorter rants!


  1. Being a friend of a couple who has been infertile I have some understanding of what you speak of -- but imagining what it is like? I can't fathum. What I DO know is that those FRIENDS of mine have the most beautiful little girl now and thank God for IVF!
    Looking forward to following your new blog. As soon as I saw the post and before I even finnished reading it I had to scrol down to see whos profile this was and I was right. Sounded just like you :)

  2. I never really knew much about IVF until recently (as you well know) It was people like you and their stories that I was told that changed my life. I don't have infertility issues... in fact I am the complete opposite. I have great pregnancies, great outcomes and have never had any complications... but what about my best friend and my sister who struggle daily with the fact that they can't have kids... it is their stories that made me really appreciate the gift that I have.

    Octomom is not a good example of IVF and I completely agree but I guess it gives the media a story to tell and that is all that matters to them. They forget the fact that there are 8 beautiful babies out there who will be greatly affected because of this procedure. But like you said... what about those who benefit from it in a better outcome.

    Kids like Taylor... The family I am carrying for is soooo aBsolutely amazing and so deserving and they will be so blessed because of this procedure.

    Girlie... you are on a long journey! but I really hope and pray that there will be a beautiful brother and sister for taylor in the end...