Friday, July 31, 2009

A familiar place


I seem to be stimulating similar to my first cycle.  It is a slow start but not quite as slow as before.  Today I had 6 measurable follicles and 24 smaller ones.  My E2 is low like my first cycle too, 301 Canadian and 82 American, but I start out very low too.   The only difference is that I had some measurable on day 7 (today), with my first cycle I didn’t have any measurable until day 9 so I am a little ahead.  Another huge difference is the fact that I am not a giant ball of stress assuming the worst.  I’m not expecting the best either but this time I am just waiting to see what happens before I start freaking out LOL.  I know from past experience that not every cycle is perfect and I can’t expect it to be.  I have to go back on Sunday.  BTW – 5:00 am is EARLY!!  My lining was 13mm, which is good and thick. 


  1. Good luck on Sunday. 5am is early, but well worth it if all turns out well. : )

  2. Must be nice doing this process with a little less stress. Though the whole 5am thing might have pushed me over the edge :)