Monday, July 6, 2009

BFPT 111


You know you have IVF on the mind when you are stuck in the Tim Horton’s line up and the license plate of the car in front of you makes you smile and gives you hope.  BFP in the infertility world means Big Fat Positive.  I notice this BFP in the first part of the plate and then I tried to take it one step further.  Imagine my delight when I work it out to exactly the way I want it.  BFPT – Big Fat Positive Test!  111 – 3 lines = 2 lines (as in a positive) and 1 line (as in control line) LOL!!  Who the hell thinks of these crazy things aside from me?  I have been seeing lots of BFPT plates since then (now that I’m looking for them) but none of them worked out like this first one I spotted.  I hope I don’t see any BFNT plates or I will probably start counting all of them and see which ones are in the lead. 

I spoke with my insurance agent and the meds will be covered!  All I have to do is mail in the original receipt with a form and they will mail me a cheque back.  I am going to wait until the stimming part of the cycle is over though because I am positive I will need more Puregon. 

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