Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was getting nervous…

So I POAS last night and this morning and now I feel better.  I just wanted to make sure the lines weren’t lighter and they weren’t.

Last night’s test.  The test line popped up right away and it was the control line that I was waiting to pop up LOL!  I can’t believe that the test line is much darker than the control line.


This was this mornings test and it is darker than the last test I took so I feel reassured again.  I still have another test because I am sure I will be freaking out in another week or two.  Hurry up Sept 21st!!


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  1. Glad to know things are still looking good. I will be glad for you once that ultrasound comes reassuring you all the more. I can honestly say though I have never taken a pregnancy test after the first two times with any pregnancy. Not that I have felt connfident at all as you can imagine in those first few months. How r u feeling anyways? Any nausea, or vommiting? I am feeling pretty nausious myself these days... perhaps some sympathy sickness? LOL