Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transfer Report

2400162762_2421863469The house of cards has been built!  Hopefully there isn’t a breeze LOL.  We transferred 2 blasts today.  They were both graded 2.5, so not great but not bad, just average.  One blast was farther ahead than the other.  The one that was farther ahead was a B4 which is just before a hatching blast, so I guess right were it should be.  The other one was a B1.  My RE gave me about a 40-50% chance of getting pg and about a 30% chance of twins.  It is still much higher than the "fertiles" have so I'll take what I can get LOL!  There were 3 morulas that they were growing out today and we may or may not have some to freeze.  I have to call tomorrow morning to find out if there were.  My beta test is on August 24th but I will POAS long before then, I’m impatient like that.  One second I have a good feeling then the next… not so much, but that’s just the way it goes.

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  1. I was thinking of you today and I swear I saw three babies in the sky in clouds. Liam just smiled at me although I know he thought I was crazy! I kept feeling triplets for you but I guess that is not possible now. I am thinking multiples for sure. Saying a prayer that these babies grow safe and healthy in that tummy of yours!