Monday, August 3, 2009

One More Day?


I went in today not expecting to trigger and that's exactly what happened LOL.  I have to go back again tomorrow.  This time I think I will be triggering tomorrow.  Apparently 5 more follicles have decided to make a push for retrieval so now I have 11 follicles from 12-18mm.  So they want to try and let the 5 smaller  follicles catch up. I still don't think many more than 6 will be of quality and I'm fine with that. My E2 is starting to rise nicely.  It is a bit higher now than the first cycle  so that is encouraging.   I was also looking at my lining measurement and I made a mistake.  It is almost 12mm not 17 mm LOL, I thought it said 1.77 cm but it was actually 1.17cm and it was 1.18 cm today.

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