Friday, April 3, 2009

Lessons Learned


Since this will not be my first cycle I have learned a few things that will be helpful in this next round.

First.  Although not always, the squeaky wheel does usually get the grease.  I waited for 4 months before I called and asked my RE’s secretary if Ottawa had received my referral.  The wench lied and said they had.  I waited another month before I called Ottawa and asked them if they had, they had not.  By the time everything had worked out it was a year before we were able to get the cycle under way.  Lesson learned?  Trust no one, harass everyone! 

Second.  It was the start of August by the time the clinic called me to set up an initial consultation.  It was scheduled for mid October.  After waiting so long for them to call me another 2 1/2 seemed like an eternity!  But what could I do?  I waited until October and had my appointment.  I told my new RE about the crazy mess and how long it had taken to get in to see him.  He then told me that I could have asked to be put on a cancellation list and I probably could have seen him sooner.  Lesson Learned?  Be assertive not submissive!

Third.  Once I was able to see my RE I had to schedule another appointment for consent signing in November.  Another month!  It wasn’t until I was already in my second trimester that I discovered that they are accommodating to couples from far away and will schedule all these appointments together so you don’t have to make so many trips.  Lesson learned?  Don’t be afraid to be “that person”.  Ask questions, they don’t bite!

Fourth.  Finally the forms had been signed.  Let’s do IVF!!  Wrong!  Let’s do some tests.  FINE, let’s do tests.  I had to wait until day 3 of my cycle (period) and go in for some blood tests.  Luckily it was only a week away so we were still in November.  I did the tests and waited for the results. All looks well… except we are missing one.  I call Kingston, Kingston calls Ottawa, Ottawa calls me, no, we are still missing it.  You need to wait until your next day 3 and get that test. UGH!!  Lesson Learned?  Get your blood tests done just before you want to do IVF!!  I really learned my lesson on this one… I already had the tests done a month ago, I am ready to roll. 

Fifth.  It is now December and everything is finally done, let’s get started, NOT!  It is too close to Christmas and that is the only time of year we close for a week.  Oh, you won’t get your period until the beginning of February?  Too bad!  Lesson learned?  Don’t try to do IVF too close to Christmas/New Year’s! 

Sixth.  Finally, it’s February let’s start.  Okay!  We just need you to come to an education session and an injections class but you can do those in the middle of your cycle so you can start.  YIPEE!!  Did I mention that every time we went to Ottawa it was a blizzard outside?  Lesson learned?  Don’t do IVF in the dead of winter! 

I really could go on and on… but I won’t. I have already applied some of the lessons learned from my first cycle.  I have all my tests up to date.  I am bypassing my RE’s horrible secretary and getting my regular Dr. to send the referral. I am not doing IVF close to Christmas.  I am not doing IVF in the dead of winter.  I don’t have to go in for an education session or an injections class.  Finally when they call to set-up the initial consultation I will ask to schedule the consent signing the same day, that way I will be ready to call in with my day 1 and get things rolling! 

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