Friday, April 24, 2009

News & Goals

Here are the after shots. You might notice that a picture of the top catch-all drawer is missing. Here's the reason, it will never be clean and organized. It pretty much looked like that the day I moved in. It will not get much better and it certainly could not stay organized if it did, I am far to lazy LOL! I had alot more room in my "pantry" than I thought I had. I decided that my cupboards could be organized too so that is the next goal. I willpost before pics of those soon.

I was just about to start our walk at Lemoine's Point when the cell phone rang. Thanks to Bell I have been forwarding all the house calls to my cell phone if I go out and today it paid off. I am currently booked for a June 2nd video phone conference LOL!! I feel so modern. It is a new thing they have started for long distance patients. I will be able to go to KGH and have my appointment in one of their conference rooms and I won't have to drive to Ottawa. Dr. Min's assistant also said we could just print out the consent forms and mail it to them. I told her that we already had all of our testing done and other things refreshed and she said that she was going to show Dr. Min my file and if he said everything looked good that she would call back and make the appointment earlier! Once that is done I should be able to call in with my day 1 and start. So If all goes well and the new appointment is before May 18th I just might be starting in May instead of June! Can you tell I am excited? I am also a bit of a pessimist too though, so I am not holding my breath on that either. I am quite happy to be able to start in June, things are going so much faster compared to the first time around.

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  1. Good news! Sounds like you are famous or something. Someone VERY important. A viseo confrence? LOL Awesome news. Thinking of you :) Slowly mending my broken self. Maybe a visit next week :)