Thursday, April 2, 2009

Should I, Or Shouldn’t I?




Okay, okay, I know the saying is “let the cat out of the bag” but I found these pictures more amusing than the ones with a bag.  I figured close enough… they are both 3 letter words starting with a “b”.  Back to my point, I am trying to decide if I should tell everyone that I am doing another cycle again.  HHhmmm, pro’s and con’s for both options.  On one hand I will get to have the element of surprise if it works and if it doesn’t I don’t have to tell everyone it didn’t.  On the other hand I will have to tell them we did it and it didn’t work when they ask when we are going to do it again.  Then they will be secretly pissy and wonder why we didn’t tell them and get that look… Maybe 'I’ll just take a wait and see approach.  There are a few people who obviously know but since very few people from our families read Taylor’s Blog there is a huge chance they won’t read this one either, lol!!  I guess the cat stays put for now.

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  1. It is what you are comfortable with ultamitely I guess. Like you said, if no one knows no one wonders and asks you questions all the time that could lead to much stress on you behalf. And who cares if someone is offened that you are not sharing that you are starting IVF. They will hear the news when you are pregnant right? I like the cat in the box! Very cute :)Looking forward to tomorrow! Yay BEEF!