Friday, April 17, 2009

Unofficial Appointment


Well I got sick of waiting so I called.  They did get my referral but they do things a little differently now.  They hired 1 person to make all appointments for all the RE’s.  So Dr. Min’s assistant told me that if the new lady didn’t call me within the next 2 weeks to give her a call back.  She also told me that Dr. Min didn’t have a really long waiting list and that I should clear my schedule for June 2nd or 5th.  JUNE 2ND OR 5TH!!??  That might not be long to her but it is to me LOL!!  Actually it isn’t that bad in comparison to the first cycle.  They called me the beginning of August and my initial appointment was scheduled for mid October so this time frame is much better.  Unfortunately that means the earliest I can do the transfer is July sometime.  Of course my cycle would not be on my side, my damn period is always inconveniencing me LOL!! 

As I said before, I will ask to be put on the cancellation list but since it is only a month and a bit away I doubt I will get in any sooner… bummer.  On the bright side it will give me a chance to lose a few pounds and get some caffeine free days in.  That also gives me a few more weeks to set some new goals. 

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